Mid-Week Youth Group





upload-udo90fducab55l3kqkqg8cp1s6763683-jpg-final-1Bobbing for donuts… Chariot races using blankets around the church… Massive games of table tennis…  That’s just a few of the fun things we get up to at youth group!

Our youth group is made up of Christian teenagers from 4 different churches and a huge variety of schools getting together to have fun and learn about God.  Most of our teens would say Thursday night youth group is the best night of the week.  One teenager recently said how much she missed youth group due to her new job and that as soon as she could she would change her schedule.

We eat dinner together, play games, and discover how the Bible can relate to our lives today.  This year we are exploring the wild book of Ezekiel!

Join us from 6-8pm every Thursday.

Some of our upcoming events are:

  • Guy Fawkes Night celebration
  • Superhero sleepover @ the end of November!
  • Christmas party