Volunteers For The Night Shelter

There is a request for volunteer helpers for the winter night shelter operating in our area of west London. Emmanuel, Harrow Rd. are looking for our help on the following Thursdays evenings/Friday mornings.

6pm-10pm DUTIES: Welcome and hospitality, registration of guests, help to serve tea /coffee and  evening meal, set up hall for guests overnight stay, clear away and wash up after meal, set out games books for guests, talk to and befriend guests.

10pm -7am DUTIES: Check all guests are accounted for, lock and secure Church hall, switch all lights off at 11pm. Check on guests during the night to make sure they are all alright.

7am -9am DUTIES: To make breakfast, wake guests up, serve breakfast, clear away afterwards. Fold up beds and make sure Church hall is clean and ready for other service users. Sort out sleeping bags /laundry.

If you think you would like to volunteer or would like more information then please speak to Jeremy.


Annual Parochial Church Meeting

This will be held immediately after our morning worship on Sunday, 17th April 2016. This will be an opportunity to receive our annual report including the annual accounts and to ask questions about our church life.

We shall also elect:

Þ 2 churchwardens

Þ 8 further members of our Parochial Church Council for the coming year.

Information about our PCC, being a churchwarden, nomination papers etc. are on the table at the back of church. If you would like to know more please speak to Angharad, Christine, Jeremy, ‘Tola or any other member of our present church council.


Church Garden

IMG-20150214-03066THANK YOU to everyone who was able to help with the clearing and pruning in our south garden!
If anyone thinks they might be able to help with some further gardening before the end of March then please do speak to Jeremy or ‘Tola.
Our gardens are very lovely and appreciated by our neighbours but they do need considerable looking after.

All help would be appreciated!