VE Day Celebration Quiz

IMG_7157Brilliantly organised by Tiffany Jackson, some of our young people and their families, St. Stephen’s hosted a fun and creative quiz night themed around the national VE Day celebrations 8-10th May. Eight teams fought through ten rounds of topical questions – e.g. Trafalgar Square, Winston Churchill, post-war Britain etc – for the right to be crowned quiz champions and receive the coveted trophy of a nodding, British Bulldog. Appropriately the title was claimed by a team named ‘Enigma’ who clearly had a ‘Turing-like’ ability to find the difficult answers.

The church was decked out with Union Jacks and the tables set up as a street-party with plenty of food including sandwiches, tea and cake!

The quiz aimed to raise money to support 13 of our young people attending special summer holidays organised by CPAS Ventures. These are fantastic opportunities for the young people to go away together, meet children from across England and from other churches, have fun, try new things, and grow in their Christian faith. Thanks to everyone who helped to raise over £1200.