What does the future hold for St. Stephen’s Church?

30th November A5aYou are invited to an Open Meeting at St. Stephen’s at 7pm on Monday 30th November to discover the answer.

There will be wine & light refreshments followed by presentations led by The Reverend Jeremy Allcock, vicar of St. Stephens, and the church architect Colin Kerr of Molyneux Kerr Architects

For some time there has been concern about the future of this historic church. Not only has St. Stephen’s aging structure been in great jeopardy but without some £450,000 in essential repairs there was a fear that St. Stephen’s would no longer be able to play its important role as both a vibrant, much-beloved church home for many area residents but also as a thriving centre for some 80 hours a week of community activities.

However, there is good news! The Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded £251,500 toward the essential structural repairs.  In addition to the lottery funding, a further £112,00 has been raised from church reserves, donations from the congregation, further grants and support from the Hereford Road Association.

The Revd Jeremy Allcock says:
“Although we face quite a few challenges ahead, we are greatly encouraged by all this wonderful support. However, as before in this church’s history, saving the building is going to need a collective effort from the whole neighbourhood. So we would like to share with you the good news but also explain our plans for the future with all our friends in the community.”