Working at the Car Wash

Car Wash 2016-1On Saturday, 30th April, a group of 14 young people, ably assisted by some of their parents, undertook a fund-raising car wash outside the front of the church.

In brilliant spring sunshine, and with military efficiency, they worked extremely hard to polish and preen, inside and out, a never ending stream of cars for 5 hours. While their cars were washed, the owners consumed home-made cakes, tea, coffee etc, before being re-introduced to their cars, now in near showroom condition – and in some cases that was quite a challenge!

All customers went away pleased and impressed, and generously donated over £500. Thank you to all who donated and to those who worked so hard.

The young people are raising funds towards the cost of their summer camps and in total hope to raise £2000. So all donations are welcome, and watch this space to hear about future fund-raising events.