Fairtrade Korean Connection


St. Stephen’s had the opportunity and honour to host a delegation from Bucheon in South Korea. Bucheon hopes to become the first registered Fairtrade city in Korea and only the second in Asia.

The delegation included Bucheon City Vice Mayor, Mr Han Guy Lee, who is also an elder in his Presbyterian church. He hopes that their city can take a lead in promoting Fairtrade throughout Korea.

They came to St. Stephen’s to learn about the essential role of the Church in supporting and promoting Fairtrade in the UK; to ask specific questions about St. Stephen’s as a registered Fairtrade church; and to understand more about why churches support Fairtrade. Clare and Jeremy were also able to speak about their own personal experience of supporting Fairtrade for over 20 years. They were supported by Nina Tweddle who brought invaluable insight into Fairtrade initiatives across the whole Diocese of London.

In the course of the visit, they were also fascinated to learn more about the history of the church and the local area.


Stories Jesus Told

Story Telling

Who is the greatest storyteller in history:
Homer; Aesop; Chaucer; Shakespeare; Anderson; Austen; Dickens; Tolstoy; Tolkien; Lewis; Hemingway; Disney or Dahl?

Is your favourite missing from this list? 

And what about Jesus?

His remarkable stories are read, retold and remembered throughout the world.
His stories are wise, funny, observant, challenging, inspiring, life-changing.

This summer at St. Stephen’s, each Sunday at 11am, we will join together for an all-age act of worship and consider one the stories Jesus told:

  • the mustard seed and the yeast
  • the most important guest?
  • the unfruitful tree
  • the great feast
  • the Pharisee and the tax collector

Please come and join us and marvel at the stories told by Jesus – the greatest story teller in history.

Tour de Park

image1Admittedly not quite Chris Froome and the Tour de France, but to help raise funds towards the cost of going on summer ventures, 8 young people from St. Stephen’s, supported by friends and parents, cycled over 100 miles around Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park to raise sponsorship of over £500.

The Ventures are organised by CPAS. This summer there are 86 ‘camps’ providing exciting, fun-filled holidays for over 3000 young people aged 8 to 18 but also encouraging them to become and live as followers of Jesus Christ.

Twelve young people from St. Stephen’s have enjoyed joining Ventures in Dorset, Somerset and Suffolk. Tiffany Robsion, our Children’s and Youth Work Co-ordinator also joined the group who went to Dorset as a Venture leader for the first-time. They all had a fantastic time and can’t wait to go back again next year.

Massive thanks to everyone who generously sponsored our super cyclists.

This is my body, this is my blood.

P1000965The sharing of bread and wine in remembrance of Jesus’ death on the cross – whether we call it the eucharist, mass, the Lord’s supper, holy communion etc – has been central to Christian worship throughout the history of God’s Church. In the Anglican tradition, people are specifically chosen, trained and ordained to lead God’s people in this act of worship.Will, Michele, Jeremy at Priesting

This summer Michele Lee has been ordained priest at a special service at St. James’, Sussex Gardens where she was supported by many friends from different areas of her life and ministry. It was a very special day for Michele and a great celebration for all involved.

This was followed by the opportunity to preside at holy communion at St. Stephen’s for the first time on Sunday, 26th June. The occasion was marked by an amazing cake which was presented to Michele after the service and then shared with friends.