Fairtrade Korean Connection


St. Stephen’s had the opportunity and honour to host a delegation from Bucheon in South Korea. Bucheon hopes to become the first registered Fairtrade city in Korea and only the second in Asia.

The delegation included Bucheon City Vice Mayor, Mr Han Guy Lee, who is also an elder in his Presbyterian church. He hopes that their city can take a lead in promoting Fairtrade throughout Korea.

They came to St. Stephen’s to learn about the essential role of the Church in supporting and promoting Fairtrade in the UK; to ask specific questions about St. Stephen’s as a registered Fairtrade church; and to understand more about why churches support Fairtrade. Clare and Jeremy were also able to speak about their own personal experience of supporting Fairtrade for over 20 years. They were supported by Nina Tweddle who brought invaluable insight into Fairtrade initiatives across the whole Diocese of London.

In the course of the visit, they were also fascinated to learn more about the history of the church and the local area.