Stories Jesus Told

Story Telling

Who is the greatest storyteller in history:
Homer; Aesop; Chaucer; Shakespeare; Anderson; Austen; Dickens; Tolstoy; Tolkien; Lewis; Hemingway; Disney or Dahl?

Is your favourite missing from this list? 

And what about Jesus?

His remarkable stories are read, retold and remembered throughout the world.
His stories are wise, funny, observant, challenging, inspiring, life-changing.

This summer at St. Stephen’s, each Sunday at 11am, we will join together for an all-age act of worship and consider one the stories Jesus told:

  • the mustard seed and the yeast
  • the most important guest?
  • the unfruitful tree
  • the great feast
  • the Pharisee and the tax collector

Please come and join us and marvel at the stories told by Jesus – the greatest story teller in history.