Day of Prayer


St. Stephen’s will be hosting a day of prayer for the church congregation and the local community on Saturday 25th March. The church will be open for prayer from 9am till 10pm. Anyone can pop in to the church at any time.

There will be prayer stations on the themes of:
giving thanks for everyday blessings
seeking peace for our community and our world
asking for healing for ourselves and others

In addition we are organisng the following:

9.00am Prayer Breakfast
Come and join us for prayer and share a delicious breakfast – for adults and children.

Retreat Time
From 10am there will be a number of spiritual exercises and options available for those who would like to use the whole morning as a time of retreat.

11.00am Prayer for Healing
If you would appreciate prayer for healing for yourself or someone else there will be people available in the side chapel from 11am till noon.

12.30pm Holy Communion
An opportunity for prayer and praise in a simple, short and informal service of holy communion