Maundy Thursday

maundy-thursday-101There will be an informal service of Holy Communion at 7.30pm on Maundy Thursday, 13th April. This will be a joint service with our friends from St. Matthew’s, Bayswater.

During the service there will be an opportunity to share in foot washing. At the end of the service, the church will be stripped of all decoration in preparation for Good Friday.

‘This is My body
broken like bread for you;
this is My blood
like water shed for you.’
Drink it – and wonder
marvel – and eat.
God torn asunder,
man made complete!
Stagger the mind
at truth here revealed:
kneel – and be broken,
rise – and be healed.
Got out and die,
die, live and live!
Take all he offers,
take all and give.
Here’s a remembering
to scorch and to bless:
sinners partaking
God’s righteousness.

this is my body…

Ruth Bell Graham