O Christmas Tree – Your branches green delight us!

Stewardship 12.09.17-1

Each year volunteers work hard to decorate St. Stephen’s church in preparation for our Christmas worship. Hopefully the decorations are not a distraction nor a displacement of our worship of Jesus but an enhancement and inspiration for our Christmas celebrations.

St. Stephen’s is a building that looks its best when decorated with colour and light. The focal point is our 15ft tree draped in lights. The tradition of decorating fir trees for Christmas has many possible origins but was clearly part of Christmas celebrations for the emerging Lutheran church in 16th century Germany, and became popularised in Britain in Victorian times.

The well-known song ‘O Christmas Tree’ is based on the German song ‘O Tannenbaum‘ celebrating the true and faithful nature of the evergreen.

Come and join us for our Christmas worship – enjoy the beautiful decorations – and celebrate the birth of Jesus!