From the bottom to the top


We continue to give thanks and praise for the great progress being made with the structural repairs being undertaken within the St. Stephen’s buildings.

From the outside of the building it is hard to imagine much is being done. However, once inside it is evident that hard work has been undertaken from the very depths of the building to the highest of heights.

Please pray for our repairs and for all those involved.

If anyone would like to know more about the structural repairs and maybe see first hand the work that is being done do please get in touch.


Holy Spirit, fix our broken church


On Easter Sunday, we took the cross of Christ into the heart of our building site, asking the Holy Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead to bring life, light and love to our congregation and to our building:

Creator God
we thank you for our church.
We thank you for this place
where people have gathered for over 160 years
to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.
Today, may we join with them,
the great crowd of witnesses in heaven,
to worship the risen Jesus.

Father God
we thank you for our church.
We thank you for each other, our fellowship,
our love for each other.
Today, may the same Spirit
who raised Jesus from the dead,
rise in us – our hearts and our lives.

Lord Jesus,
today we celebrate that you are alive.
May your love and your light
flow from the cross and the empty tomb
into our church,
into our lives,
and out into the world.

Holy Spirit
fix our broken church.
Help our builders, engineers and architect.
Give them the skill and wisdom they need.
make this building whole again.

Holy Spirit
fix our broken church.
May the wonder of the cross
and the power of the resurrection
fix us where we are broken.
In the name of Jesus
we ask for forgiveness,
for healing,
for restoration,
in our hearts,
our minds,
our bodies.
and our lives.