About Us

For over 150 years, St. Stephen’s has been a place of Christian worship and witness. St. Stephen’s was the focal point around which this area of west London was developed and built in the 1850s in the rapidly expanding Victorian London. The story of St. Stephen’s has been closely integrated with the remarkable story of this neighbourhood. It is a story of faith and fruitfulness; deterioration and decline; refurbishment and resurrection.

Once more St. Stephen’s proudly serves as an active parish church with a clear vision for our mission and ministry. St. Stephen’s is a place of Christian worship and prayer, and it is home to a huge variety of local, community life.

We are a diverse community of believers seeking to live and grow as disciples of Jesus. In partnership with others, we seek to express the love of Jesus by serving our local community and reaching out to the world beyond.

Please do take time to explore our website to learn more about us or do contact us if there is something more you would like to know.