Community Bible Study

The Community Bible Study (CBS) is an international initiative used throughout the UK and across the globe to encourage people to read their bible and grow in understanding the scriptures.

It has five key elements:

· Individual study—questions to work on at home
· Discussion—the questions are discussed in small groups and insight shared
· Teaching—a short talk is given on the passage each week
· Commentary—there is a specially prepared commentary to take away and read.
· Caring—the group offers prayerful support and encouragement to each other.

CBS has been meeting at St. Stephen’s since 2006 and the group consists of members from a number of different, local churches. The group meets on Fridays at the church from 10.30am till 12.30pm. Refreshments are served, and a crèche is provided, upon request.

This term the group will be studying the prophets Amos and Isaiah.