Moldova 08e

Over many years, St. Stephen’s has maintained links with Moldova principally through Victor Zama and his lovely family – wife Lili and three children, Mia, Matei, and Luke. Victor was previously  part of the Lord’s Army Church in Chisinau and lead their impressive ministry with young people, organising weekly activities and amazing summer camps.

In previous years, members of St. Stephen’s have traveled to Moldova to help with the summer camps, and we continue to give financial support to this work in Chisinau.

Victor and his family  – wife Lili and their children, Mia, Matei and Luke – have now moved back to his home village of Cabani, and are at present pioneering new Christian ministries in this village. They are working on building a community centre and setting up various programmes to help and bless impoverished families and young people. Please download a copy of their latest newsletter – The Zama Family (Nehemia-Moldova)-Newsletter- Jan 2018

Moldova is officially the poorest country in Europe and life can be very challenging for the young people and their families. Victor encourages the young people and their families to put their trust in God and choose to live their lives as faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Victor also has an interesting sideline in keeping bees and producing delicious, organic honey!

St. Stephen’s continues to support Victor and the family with our prayers and with financial donations.