St. Stephen’s School


The original St. Stephen’s School was built soon after the church in 1858 when members of the congregation and local community managed to raise sufficient funding to open a primary school to help educate local children – some from exceptionally poor backgrounds. The school has continued to serve the local community ever since providing an excellent education for children in Westbourne Park.

Today St. Stephen’s CofE Primary is a dynamic, multi-cultural school with wonderful children from a wide array of ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The school has a strong vision and has aspirations to build on its most recent Ofsted report and move the school to ‘Outstanding’. The highly committed staff team work hard to provide an exciting curriculum with lots of creative opportunities for children to learn and develop whatever their background and academic ability.

St. Stephen’s church and school have a very strong and positive relationship. The Vicar and other staff attend the school every week and lead acts of worship for Key Stage 1 and 2; special celebrations are held at the church four times each year; classes visit the church for lessons on topics such as baptism, holy communion, vestments, church buildings etc and the Vicar has led lessons at school on ordination, prayer, the Bible and ‘being a Vicar’! In addition several worshipping members of St. Stephen’s congregation serve as school governors and others helped to set up and run Friends of St. Stephen’s School. A number of children from the school worship at the church with their families.